Club Membership

If you are familiar with our club then you can go straight to the registration form by clicking . If not, then please take the time to read the below and familiarise yourself with our club rules.

Membership fees

The Family Membership Fee, covering all members of one family, for existing members renewing before Friday 31st March is £50. The fee for renewals after this date is £60.

Single Adult Membership is £40 for prompt renewals by 31st March. The fee for Single membership after this date  is £50.

For New families the membership fee is £50 and for New single membership the fee is £40

Club duties

The club runs successfully due to the commitment of its members who give their time to run the sessions.

One adult member from each family must provide help as a First Safety Officer, a Second Safety Officer or an Administrator.

Safety Officers are typically rostered for 5-7 duties unless he/she offers more.

Administrators are typically rostered for 2/3.

We urge competent swimmers to please volunteer for Second Safety Officer for which no Formal qualifications are required or to take the training for First Safety Officer.

Administrators: No Formal training required but must have a good knowledge of the club rules & your duties. Although there will be an Admin refresher course in the hut on Sat 6th May 11.0 am onwards.

You can register for membership by clicking . Please take notice of the club's rules before registering as you will be asked to abide by these during registration.