Constitution of the Comberton Community Swimming Club

The Club shall be called "Comberton Community Swimming Club''.

Eligibility: Membership is open to all families in the catchment area of the Village College: Toft, Eversdens, Kingston, Bourn, Harlton, Haslingfield, Coton, Grantchester, Barton, Longstowe, Hardwick, Caxton, Caldecote, Cambourn, Newnham etc.: members of the Community Association; families of children attending the Village College, to a maximum number as shall be determined from time to time by the elected committee.

Membership depends upon payment of subscription fees the amount of which shall be determined by the elected committee annually. Subscriptions shall become due in March each year. No subscriptions shall be accepted before the agreed date.

Relationship with the Community Association: All members of the club are automatically deemed to be members of the Community Association. The club agrees to pay a subscription to the Community Association for each club member.

Election and Duties of Officers and Committee members : The Committee shall be responsible for the day-to-day running of the club, and shall have the following honorary officers: Chairman; Vice Chairman; Treasurer; Secretary; Membership Secretary; Minutes Secretary; Rota Secretary; Housekeeper; Chief Safety Officer; and up to 20 Committee members; The Principal; The Community Education Assistant Principal; and a representative of the Community Association. All the officers and committee members shall hold office for one year, the committee shall have the right to co-opt additional members on an ad hoc basis, who shall be ex-officio.

The Annual General Meeting of the club shall normally be held in November at which time it shall elect officers and committee members for the following calendar year. Nominations of the officers shall be properly proposed and seconded by a member of the club and signed by the candidate signifying their willingness to serve if elected, and shall be sent to the club secretary to reach him/her at least fourteen days before the annual General Meeting. Posts which have not been nominated by the closing date for nominations may be filled by nominations from the floor of the AGM.

Chairman: The Chairman or in his absence the Vice-Chairman shall preside over all the meetings of the club. The Chairman may give a casting vote on any matter under discussion. The Chairman may authorise expenditure up to £50 without calling a committee meeting.

Secretary: The secretary shall be responsible for correspondence of the club. Any meeting which will involve official paperwork must be reported to the secretary in writing immediately afterwards.

Minutes Secretary: The minutes secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings and when necessary deputise for the secretary. Membership Secretary: The Membership secretary shall issue yearly membership cards and maintain the Club's Membership register. The register should be available at all times for inspection.

Rota Secretary: The Rota Secretary shall maintain and circulate a rota of duties performed by the Safety Officers and Administrative Officers from time to time during the swimming season.

Treasurer: The treasurer shall keep such books, accounts and records as the members shall from time to time require to be kept, and be responsible for the financial transactions and business of the Club. He/she shall prepare and submit at the Annual General Meeting an audited statement of the accounts of the Club, as at the date of the AGM. He/she shall not withdraw monies from the Club bank account except on the authority of a cheque signed by at least two officers of the Club. A sum not exceeding Fifty Pounds must be kept as a cash float. The Annual Accounts shall be audited.

Chief Safety Officer: The Chief Safety Officer shall organise and carry out training for Club Safety Officers and validate second safety officers at training sessions held each year. He/she will endeavour to keep an up-to- date and uniform level of safety throughout the Club.

General Meetings: On receiving a request, signed by at least twelve adult members of the Club, the secretary shall call a General Meeting which should be held within twenty-eight days of the receipt of the request. The Chairman may call a General Meeting at any time.

The preceding Constitution and Regulations for the use of the swimming pool can only be changed by the Committee, and any such proposals must be handed to the Secretary at least fourteen days prior to a meeting.

Dissolution of the Club: The Club may be dissolved with the consent of five-sixths of the adult members testified by signature to an instrument of dissolution which shall provide for the method of disposal of the remaining assets, if any, of the Club.