Notes for 1st and 2nd safety officers

            Starting a session

            1. The First Safety Officer will normally collect the pool keys from the Comberton Leisure Centre.

            2. All Officers should be at the pool at least ten minutes before the start of a session to ensure that it starts on time.

            3. Before opening the pool, the team should check that :

            • Whistles are available.

            • Rubber bands are ready 25 of each, 5 colours.

            • Lane marker and pool divider ropes are available.

            • Changing rooms are open and floors and toilets are clean.

            • High chair is in place, Ropes & Poles are hung in place.

            • Phone works.

            • First aid kit and thermal blanket are present.

            • Pool covers are off.

            Finishing a session

            At the end of the session:

            1. Remove steps and replace pool covers.
            2. Clear excess water from changing room floors and clean toilets.
            3. Stand duck boards on edge.
            4. Turn off all lights, turn off water and power switch on shower.
            5. Lock changing rooms, admin office and gate.
            6. Return keys to Comberton Leisure Centre

            Early Closing of Pool

            A pool session may only be terminated early for safety or maintenance reasons