Working notes for administrators

 Admissions. Only admit swimmers when Safety Officers say they are ready at the start of a session.

  1. Retain membership card and issue a rubber band to each swimmer. Check names and age of children against card. Those whose names are marked cannot be admitted unless accompanied by an adult (over 18 years).

  2. Young members having "unaccompanied status" may not bring in young members under 12 years old, guests or non members.

  3. Refuse admission to anyone with bad cuts, sores, plasters and anyone eating chewing or carrying glassware of any sort.

  4. Whistles are available.

  5. Last admissions are 15 minutes before the end of session.

Procedure for issuing bands.

  1. The maximum number of swimmers allowed in the pool is 100.

  2. Issue one set of coloured bands to the first 25 swimmers, a second colour to the next 25 until there are 100 swimmers in the pool area (or any lower maximum number decided by the First Safety Officer).

  3. Advise the First Safety Officer when you have issued the third colour (75 swimmers).

  4. Finishing a session.

  5. At the end of the final session :

  6. When 100 bands have been issued any bands returned of those colours should NOT be re-issued. New admissions should be given the fifth colour (up to 25). Take care not to exceed the 100 maximum number (or any lower maximum limit set by the safety officer).

  7. In hot weather there may still be a queue after the maximum number has been reached. After the first half-hour the safety officer will call out of the pool the first 25 swimmers, they must surrender their bands and leave the pool area. They may join the end of the queue for readmission.

  8. DO NOT admit the next 25 swimmers on the fifth colour until ALL of the first colour bands are returned. Repeat the procedure after the next 15 minutes with the second colour if necessary.

Guest and Temporary members.

  1. Occasional guests of member families may be admitted with a guest pass but only when accompanied at all times by an adult member of the host family. They should sign the visitors book and pay a contribution at the current level. NOTE: Local residents and people who live less than 10 miles from Comberton may not be considered as guests.

  2. Issue a temporary membership card to non local visitors on completion of an application form and payment of current fee per week.