The pool Thermal Covers are one of the most important pieces of equipment the club provides for the pool, and represent a considerable financial outlay.

They maintain a higher water temperature than would be otherwise possible and make a considerable reduction in heating costs; they are however easily damaged unless handled carefully.

Please follow these simple directions:-

a) Make sure the roller locating bolts are fully up and hooked in position before moving the rollers.

b) Move the rollers slowly and have one person at each end.

c) When winding covers from the pool do it slowly with the BLUE side outermost and keeping covers square onto the roller. One person each side can gently pull the cover into position.

d) When replacing the covers onto the pool first remove the two sets of pool steps, take the pull rope to the opposite end of the pool, THEN SLOWLY pull the cover off the roller down the full length of the pool making sure that the cover front boom does not catch on the side grab rails.