Emergency Action Plan

What to do in case of an accident/emergency

Accident in pool

1) In the event of an emergency either Safety Officer will give one long blast of their whistle followed by a voice demand to clear the pool.

2) The First Safety Officer will take charge and execute the rescue.

3) The Second Safety Officer will ensure the pool is cleared and back up the rescue if requested by the First Safety Officer.

4) One of the Admin Officers will stand by the telephone ready to call an ambulance if requested.

5) The Second Admin Officer will go to the scene of the rescue to take instructions from the Safety Officers and relay these to the admin office if an ambulance needs to be called.

6) If the accident results in serious injury a member of the committee should be notified immediately (list in admin office).

7) The following details must be recorded on an Accident /Incident Report Form provided and signed by the First Safety officer on duty :-

    a) The Date and Time of the incident

    b) The names of Officers on duty

    c) The name(s) of casualty(s) involved

    d) The name(s) of any witness(es)

    e) Location and nature of the accident/incident

    f) Suspected cause

    g) Action taken and by whom

    h) Time of 999 call for ambulance

    i) Time of emergency service arrival

8) Members of the duty staff should not talk to the press or answer any telephone enquiries concerning the incident. All enquiries should be directed to the committee.


Emergency Action Plan in case of FIRE

1. Any member of the duty staff discovering or being informed of a fire especially in the plant room should immediately clear the pool.

2. One Admin person should call the Fire Brigade on instructions from the safety officers and take charge of club cards collected for the session.

3. Staff will open both ENTRY / EXIT gates and direct all persons out of the pool area and changing rooms.

4. Second safety officer and admin persons should direct all persons to a safe area of the adjacent car-park.

5. Admin persons should make a roll-call of all swimmers evacuated from the pool against the club cards collected for the session.

6. First safety officer should stay by the gate and await the arrival of the Fire Brigade.