Code of safe working practice

Safety officers

  1. At all times when a session is in progress both safety officers should be on pool side (in the absence of a Second Safety Officer a FIRST Safety Officer may start a session if there are thirty or less swimmers).

  2. Pool Safety Officers will always carry a whistle when on duty, which for safety reasons should NOT be worn round the neck.

  3. Safety Officers must remember that the safety of swimmers is their prime consideration, and they should not become involved in casual conversation with persons on pool side, beyond the bounds of common courtesy, neither should they become involved with swimming tuition.

  4. Safety Officers should at all times wear suitable clothing that readily identifies them in their role.

  5. Safety officers should patrol the perimeter of the pool and work as a team scanning the whole pool area. Particular attention should be given to the corners and the bottom of the pool especially in the deep end.

  6. Safety officers are encouraged to use the high chair but the period of use should not exceed 15 minutes.

  7. In the event of a Safety Officer having to enter the water to effect a rescue, he/she must ensure by the use of the whistle that the pool is cleared. This will also activate the emergency action procedure.

  8. Safety Officers are required to attend a regular refresher/ training session once per year.

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CCSC is affiliated to the Royal Life Saving Society, Cambridgeshire Branch. More info here: